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Human resources management system (HRM)

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Human resources management system software offers various features to small and mid-sized businesses according to their business needs. You have to choose software that fulfills your organization requirements. Organizations of all sizes and needs, small departments to large enterprises, agencies, creative shops and fast-growing companies; start-ups to established brands. Powerful and cost-effective HR platform to ensure you get the best from your employees and managers. Some of best features of OPTIMUM HRM listed below:

 Payroll Management: It automates your entire payroll process, manages TDS, PF and other deductions.

  • Employee Management System: You can manage all your employee’s reports, data on cloud based employee system.
  • Leave Management System: Leave software enables you to track employee leave pattern, generate leave report in single click.
  • Attendance Management System: Biometric attendance machine is great for tracking your employees in and out time.
  • Time Tracking Software: Track how much time your employee’s spending on one task. It improves organization productivity.
  • Employee Self Service Portal: Using Employee self service portal, employees can access, update their personal and payroll related details.
  • HR MIS Reports: You can generate MIS reports within just few clicks using this HRMS software.
  • Timesheet Management System: This enables you to manage time spend by employees on various project.
  • Performance Appraisal Management: Keeping track employee performance becomes easier with this automated performance management software.
  • Chat Application is quite hot and easy-to-use for internal communication. Chat immediately as you start your work day. You can use private messages for direct, one-on-one communication.The clean and simple design will help you deliver the best experience. No need to install anything. Works on all browsers.Team members can use it no matter what other chat network they're on. It allows employees to have a truly unified communications platform, instant messaging and collaborative work environments into one space. It greatly increases the productivity of a firm.
  • Internal Recruitment An internal search for a candidate allows an organisation to use its own employees’ skills. It has the advantage of being low in cost and enables the organisation to select a replacement who is familiar with its operation. Potential candidates are identifi ed and recommended by existing employees. If a referral is successful, the employee will receive a referral bonus for helping the organisation to find the right person for the job.

It includes Eight features like:-

  • Comprehensive function
  • Action-oriented
  • Pervasive function
  • Future-oriented
  • Nervous system
  • An Integrated concept
  • Focus on the results

1. Comprehensive function:-

HRM is concerned with managing various peoples at work. It includes the management of personnel at various levels of management. Thus, HRM is a comprehensive function.

2. Action-oriented:-

HRM aims at action rather than on record keeping or other functions. It lays the importance on the problems of the human resource and various actions to be taken to solve the problems relating to the human resource.

3. Pervasive function:-

Human Resource is to required at all the levels of the management of the organization. Human Resource is an integral part of the organization. In bigger organizations, the management of HR is a separate department.

Thus, HRM is a pervasive function in an organization.

4. Future-oriented:-

HRM is concerned with helping an organization to achieve its objectives in the future by providing competent and well-motivated employees.

More Awesome Features
  • Employee Data: A centralised, system of record for your employee data
  • Custom Permission: Give right role & permission to access to the data they need
  • Employee Onboarding: Make a great first impression with streamlined employee onboarding
  • Announcement: Post and share company's announcement to everyone in the company
  • Custom Profile: Make customised employee profiles that company needs
  • Project & Tasks: Keep your projects and tasks in order with transparent access
  • Events & Meetings: It is suitable for any one who wants to create event based functionality to their system
  • Travel: Travel can be managed through a separate workflow where an employee can request for travel with advance & can be approved by the manager

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