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Laravel Loan Management System

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Optimum Loan is a PHP Laravel  Web Based Application for multi purpose co-operative society. Its an strong platform for manage Loan, Deposite & Interest from 100% secure Backend. Optimum Loan is Best Platform ever For proper management and utilization of microcredit, microfinance, insurance, Deposite Scheme, Installment Based Loan & Many more. 

Intuitive & User-friendly

Most functions can be done in one or two clicks. The system has a simple and clear user interface, with best-practice workflows taking you through all core processes, and relevant data always at your fingertips.

Borrowers Management

The system enables the capture of personal information, unique identifiers, next of kin details, business information and much more. You can upload scanned photos or documents to a client’s account. You can also add your own custom fields.

Loans & Savings

This system has flexible loan and savings module which you can adjust or customize to suit your microfinance needs. Manageable fields include loan term, interest rate, repayment schedule, interest calculation method, charges and many other options. Loan approval process follows best microfinance standards


You can configure your chart of accounts with GL codes and link them to loan or savings products and many other applicable areas. Some journal entries are automatic like loan disbursements while some can be added manually. You can find various accounting reports like trial balance, balance sheet and profit and loss accounts.


View and export high quality reports. Reports include borrower numbers, loan portfolio, arrears reports, savings reports, expected vs actual payments, collection sheets, provisioning and many more

Staff Management

Manage users with ease. Set permissions for each staff role and control what pages they can see. You can also set payroll for your staff. See audit trail to check what your staff has been doing.

Frontend Features:

☞ Fully Responsive Design.
☞ Random Banner.
☞ Related Menu’s.
☞ Easy Contact Form.
☞ Deposite / Loan Log Sheet.
☞ Top Loan Package.
☞ Top Deposite Package.
☞ Fully User Friendly Design.
☞ LOAN Installment Notification.
☞ Deposit Installment Notification.
☞ Loan Return Notification.
☞ Deposite Interest Notification.
☞ SEO Friendly URL.

STAFF Features:

☞ 100% Secure Login.
☞ Informative Dashboard.
☞ Manage Loan.
☞ Manage Loan Installment.
☞ Manage Deposit.
☞ Manage Deposite Interest.
☞ Create New Loaner.
☞ Create New Depositor.
☞ Loan Installment submit.
☞ Deposite Installment Submit.

ADMIN Features (Deposit):

☞ Details Based Dashboard.
☞ TOTAL Deposit Installment.
☞ Deposit Management.
☞ New Deposit Create.
☞ All Deposit Report.
☞ Create New Deposite Package.
☞ Deposit Package Management.
☞ Installment Type Management.
☞ All Type’s Of Installment.
☞ A to Z Transection Ledger.
☞ All Installment History.
☞ Paid / Unpaid Deposit.

ADMIN Features (Loan):

☞ Details Based Dashboard.
☞ TOTAL Loan Installment.
☞ Loan Management.
☞ New Loan Create.
☞ All Loan Report.
☞ Create New Loaner.
☞ Create New Loan Package.
☞ Loan Package Management.
☞ Installment Type Management.
☞ All Type’s Of Installment.
☞ A to Z Transection Ledger.
☞ All Installment Ledger.
☞ All Interest Ledger.

Admin Features (STAFF Management):

☞ Create New Staff.
☞ Manage All Staff.
☞ Staff Collection Report.
☞ Installment Submit Report.
☞ New Loaner Creation Deatils.
☞ New Depositor Creation Deatils.

ADMIN Features (Frontend Settings):

☞ A to Z Dynamic.
☞ SITE Menu Management.
☞ SITE Menu Content Management.
☞ SITE Banner Management.
☞ SITE Logo Management.
☞ SITE Title Management.
☞ SITE Template Color Management.
☞ Homepage TOP Content Management.
☞ Homepage Footer Content Management.
☞ Social Link Management.
☞ Frontend Testimonial Management.
☞ Multiple Currency Management.
☞ Contact Details Management.
☞ Address Management

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