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OFINE Management System is a powerful user-friendly System designed as per user's perspective with multiple MIS reports & multiple logins.

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Real-time reporting on your most important metrics for schools.

Work is completely different today. Teams are more agile, more collaborative and drive innovation faster than ever — and the most successful companies have a digital workplace to match.

Ofine School is designed with your customers in mind, so you can manage and track all your data in one central location. Essentials offer a better experience for your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, sure. Once you purchase you will get all source codes and database in a single zip file. Once you extract all the source codes and database will be extracted.
Yes, software is an open source. Therefore, you can be customised to suit your purposes.
Software can be resold to as many clients as you want. Payment is one time and no limitation or restrictions. Once you purchase, you have live access to your source codes and database.
No! you will have to purchase android and ios apps once they are out as they are in the testing stage.
Until mobiles apps are role out, we can not decide the price. However, mobile apps will be affordable for all.
Once you purchase from us, you will get live support from us. Give support via watsapp, facebook, our software inline customer service agent via live chatting and via skype
You will have to register on our official site, login to your page. In your page select OFINE SCHOOL SYSTEM, and pay for the invoice. Once your payment is successfull. You will be redirected to download page automatically.
If you are buying from Codecayon, register on their site and login, purchase the software and download the software.

Explore Latest Features

Optimum Linkup Computers provides key digital services and focused on helping our clients to build a successful business on web and mobile applications which are suitable for use always.

Amazing Features

With our School Management System, parents will receive complete information of their child their Attendance, Daily Time table, Progress reports (current as well as previous) from the comfort of their home. SMS & eMail facility ensures the parents to remain updated with school activities.

Powerful Dashboard

Welcome to OFINE school management system, A school that has powerful statiscal dashboard

User Friendly

OFINE school system is responsive and fit to all typeof screen

Smart Notifications

Email, SMS and real time notification is available in OFINE school system

Manage Enquiry

Ofine school system has most complete visitor's information page

Manage Club

Admin can add club and also enroll students to club during student admission

Manage Alumni

Thiis the only school that trach alumni information and they are actively involce in school activities

Manage Holiday

Admin can set and post holiday time for all the members of the school to see

Manage Moral-talk

This allows admin to set every morning moral talks for the students to read

Manage Circular

This allows flow of information among the students and members of the staff

Manage Syllabus

Admin can prepare complete syllabus to send all teachers to see and follow

Manage Helpdesk

Should there be any issue or complaints, students and parents can easily send message to helpdesk officer for any issue.

Manage Help-link

This allows teachers to refer help link for students or thier class alone to any useful links for them to learn more.

Registration Code

For student to be properly admitted or student who want to fill the information from the school website. Admin will generate code for them during the registration

Approve Student

Pending student will be approved by the admin and automatically move pending students to normal student table

Generate PIN

Admin will generate PIN for specific student so as to enanle them to check their respective results

Parent Market Place

This allows parents to post their handy work for evey members of the school to patronise.

Payment Gateway API

OFINE is the only school with over eleven payment gateway API (Stripe, Paypal, Voguepay, Paystack, PayUmoney, FastPay, Paytm, Instamojo, SSLCommerz, Twocheckout, Cashfree, CCavenue)

SMS Sending API

OFINE school system is the only school with over TEN SMS sending API (twillio, msg91, clickattel, bulksms, textlocal, nexmo, smart sms, hajana, sendpk, custom sms)

Session Expiration

With OFINE schooll system, when session has been expired, page will lock and user will have to retype thier email address to unlock page

Real time chatting

All the members of the system can chat with each other and online - offline features.

Support Ticket

Support ticket can be opened by the admin and student can send message to admin for anay issue

Running Task

Admin can assign task for student and allocate time of completion for the students

Staff Attendance

Staff can mark their attendance with cameral that track face, IP and others

Student Report

Standard report can be generated by the admin and standard report can be generated

Manage Inventory

Sales, purchase and supplier can be added and sales can be monitored

Email Message

Admin can send email message to multiple, single, group

Internal Message

Admin can create group message, single message and facilitate message among users

School Website

OFINE has standard and most complete school website

Human Resource

Staff salaries, payroll, leave application can be managed by the admin and human resource manager

Event Calendar

Generate and send standard event to all users to see upcomming events

Accept Subscribers

OFINE school system is the only that allows users to subscribe witht heir email address and trach thier session

Multi Language

With Ofine school system, you can change your desired language without disturbing other users of the software at the same time

Secure Payment

During payment, transactions are sucured over https server.


Ofine school management can be easily customised to suit your purpose any time

Clean Code

Ofine school system is developed with PHP Codeigniter and codes are well commented and structured


With Ofine school system, you can use it on any devices, mobile phones, laptops, tabs and many others

Gradient Colour

Ofine school system has the most beautiful and the most attractive desing and that makes it suitable for users to find easy to use

Scalability and Flexibility

When it comes to scalability and flexibily, Ofine school system is the most flexible the most smart school system ever

RTL Support

Ofine school system supports right side bar and that makes it suitable for Arabic language speaking country

Report Card

Ofine school system has good report card system that track due payment, principal signature, subject, and many others

Grading System

Ofine school system has the most flexible grading system with trach user grade e.g Fail, Pass

Admission to Graduation

Ofine school system manage and monitor students right from student admission till graduation

Still not clear with all the features above ? Find more features below in PDF format

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Get ready to discover all the benefits and secrets of our amazing software.

OFINE school management system allows all information to be rendered statistically.

  • Popup modal for the admin to see the number of unpaid invoices.
  • Statistical chart that shows amount recieved for session
  • Unpaid students invoices with thier names
  • parent market place information
  • All the users can esily chat with all the users of the software.
  • Display recently added teachers and students.
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Register teacher right from vacancy application till leave application settings

With OFINE school management system, admin can easily add new teachers, assign teachers to department, set teachers salary and all.

  • Assign teacher either class or subject teacher
  • Assign roles to teachers and upload teacher documents
  • Track teacher salary right from employment.
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With OFINE school system, you are always up to date

Do you that Ofine school automatically detect debtors and auto send message/email?

  • Yes our software auto detect debtors(students) and mail them invoice
  • Also send PDF invoice to students with just a click
  • Student can also make payment right from their email
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Session expiration is a must in school software

I can assure you that Ofine school system track users session and if user not active for a while, user will be redirected to Lockscren page.

  • In Lockscreen page, image of the user will be displayed
  • Two textfield for typing email and password
  • Difficult for users to click on back button on the browser except they type thier email and password
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Have a real time chat with other users

With Ofine school system, you will surely enjoy our live chat features

  • Send instant message to users
  • Recieve instant messages
  • Send file with just a single click
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Responsive and attractive landing page

Ofine school system allows admin to upload as many banners as they want

  • Banners with application button
  • Banners with contact us button
  • Very attractive home page
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Send SMS/email message to all users

With Ofine school system, admin can send email message/phone sms to all the users of the system.

  • Send instant email message to all users
  • Send SMS message to all users phone number
  • Send message to group of users
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Ofine school system allows assignment of task to students

With our software, you can assign multiple or single task to students and allocate time at the same time

  • Create running/archive task
  • Assign time to group of students
  • Upload task document for the student to download
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Ofine school support assignment of roles

Assignment of roles is one of the most important features of school system, with Ofine school you can manage your student, teacher, adminstrator permission with a single click.

This is done automatically during user registration, admin can easily set permissions for the users during registration

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Reset user password with just a single click

  • Reset student password
  • Raise alert if password and confirm password are not the same
  • Users can also use forgot password from the landing page
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Manage school inventories with just a single click

Inventory management is one the most important features of school management system. With Ofine school system, you can easily manage supplier, good items and sales.

Keep track of total sales and items. Seing is believing, click on the button below to get started

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Standard report card generating system

  • Search for student mark
  • Determining student grade
  • Generate mass report card for student class
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Comprehensive dashboard for parent page

  • Parent dashboard comprises of daily attendance for parent children
  • Track all parent payments for students
  • Track all unpaid due for a particular session
  • Track number of post by the parent into the parent market place
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Ofine school system has 10 payment gateway

  • Voguepay payment gateway
  • Paypal payment gateway
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Twocheckout payment gateway
  • Paytm payment gateway
  • PayU Money payment gateway
  • Instamojo payment gateway
  • Cashfree payment gateway
  • CCAvenue Money payment gateway
  • SSLCommerz Money payment gateway
  • Paystack Money payment gateway
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Integrate 9 SMS gateway in Ofine school system

  • Clickattek SMS gateway
  • MSG91 SMS gateway
  • Twillio SMS gateway
  • Textlocal SMS gateway
  • Bulk SMS gateway
  • Nexmo SMS gateway
  • Smart SMS gateway
  • Hajanaone SMS gateway
  • SendPK SMS gateway
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Ofine school system support RTL features

With our software, you can easily change from LEFT positioning to RTL positioning. Standard Arabic interpretation and other translated languages

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Most complete computer based test (CBT)

  • Set multiple choice questions
  • Set filling the gap questions
  • Set true of false questions
  • Manage questions in a single click
  • Set exam questions with time and date restriction
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