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Complete computer based test (CBT)

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Optimum Linkup Computer Based Test is a software that enables all kinds of exams to be written on the computer. This online examination system helps to conduct any sort of exams with multiple options, the software is suitable for all complex exams and middle level exams and entry level exams to test the skill of students and professionals.

  • Core Features: ADMIN PANEL
    Managing User accounts (student)
    Managing classes, subjects
    Managing exam, grades
    Managing exam marks
    Managing Computer Based Test (CBT)
    Managing students attendance
    Managing school events
    Managing Teachers
    Managing School Session
    Class management.
    Subjects and assignments management.
    Student search.
    And many more …
    Attempt Online Exam
    View Online Exam Result
    Get Exam Marks
    View Noticeboard
    Get attendance status
    Get study materials / files from teacher
    And many more ….
  • Admin Dashboard Description
    Total number of students, Total class, Total subject, Total attendance, Total Exam Result and attendance of Enroll can be view at a glance, Dashboard also holds a calendar for showing events, charts for various percentages of teachers, class, students attendance, section, students etc.
    Admit Students
    From navigation, go to students > admit students
    Fill up the necessary information
    Save student
    Admit Bulk Students
    From navigation, go to student > admit bulk student
    Download the blank Excel file
    Fill up the information
    Select class
    Upload the filled up Excel file
  • Student Information
    From navigation go to student > student information
    Here you can see the students class wise
    If a class has sections then you can also browse the students as per class sections
    From navigation go to teacher
    Here you can see the list of teachers of your school in a tabular form
    To add a new teacher, click the top right button named add new teacher and fill up the information and save
    For editing or deleting a teacher information click the action button assigned to each entry of the table. That will bring two options for editing and deleting. Click on the required action editing and deleting
    From navigation go to > manage sections
    Add new class section for a class and assign teacher for each of them
    View the class sections in a tabular form class wise
    Edit and delete class section information
    From navigation go to class > manage sections
    Add new class section for a class and assign a teacher for each of them
    View the class sections in a tabular for class wise
    Edit and delete class section information
    From navigation go to subject
    If you have already added classes then under this you will see a list of the classes added. If you have not created classes, please create class first
    Here you can see the subject’s class wise
    Add or edit or delete subjects
    From navigation go to daily attendance
    Select the date and class and click manage attendance
    That will bring up the students name and attendance information in a tabular form
    To update the attendance status or for taking the attendance for that particular date of that particular class which you have selected earlier, click the button named update attendance
    Put the status for all at once and click save changes
    From navigation, go to Manage CBT
    Click on Add Exam
    Set Class, Exam Time, Exam Duration, Subject, Question Count and Session
    Click on continue to Add Questions
    Click on List Exams to View Exams
    Click on View Result to View Exams Scores
    From navigation go to notice board
    Add / edit / delete them
    For sending the notice to all as SMS, yes while creating the notice
    This will send SMS to all the users about that notice
    From navigation, go to message
    Admin can send message to all users
    For sending message, select user and type the message and click send
    You can also see the entire message sent to you or sent from you
    From navigation go to settings > general settings
    You can change basic system settings here and also can select language
    You can also upload logo from here
    From navigation go to settings > sms settings
    Here you will find 2 SMS services, one is Clickatell and another is Twilio
    You have to activate a service first
    Then put the necessary information for a service
    Visit https://www.twilio.com/user/acount/settings/international /sms
    From navigation go to setting > language settings
    Change phrase or add new phrase for a particular language
    Add new language
  • Student Dashboard Description
    Total number of students, teachers, parents and attendance of students for that day at a glance, dashboard also holds a calendar for showing event
    From navigation go to online CBT
    See all the uploaded test for your class
    Attempt the uploaded test
    View your results
    From navigation go to study material
    See all the uploaded study material for your class
    Download the study material

       All Users Default Login Details
       Optimum CBT System provides 3 users login

  • Administrators
    username : admin@admin.com
    password : 1234

  • Students
    username : student@student.com
    password : 1234

  • Teacher
         email: teacher@teacher.com
         password : 1234


Please read our license agreement for more information on the refund and product policy.

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  • Ayobami Alli

    5 years ago

    Congratulations on the web application, it is fantastic. We look forward to future updates.

  • Johny Kevin

    3 years ago

    Excellent web-based application to manage our cbt.

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