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  • Johny Kevin

    2015-06-11 05:28:34

    This is really cool. This is the best product online with great support

  • Rupesh Kumar Singh

    2015-07-10 21:20:26

    This is the best software online. Source codes is easily customised. Great support, keep it up.

  • KWAG

    2016-08-10 21:30:11

    Am glad we found this product online. Great support.

  • hamza

    2016-12-11 06:15:23

    Good product.

  • Yusuf Jamiu

    2016-06-11 05:07:13

    Best school software online.Great support

  • Ibiixo Technologies

    2016-10-11 06:42:16


  • Madness Security

    2016-03-12 21:26:30

    Great support.

  • hamza

    2016-12-12 22:26:30

    This is the best software developed with CodeIgniter. Thanks for the great job.

  • hamza

    2016-04-11 14:31:42

    This Multi school meets up with the standard of our 21 century management style, I just purchase today, I'm happy because I have been following up all the up date and up grade of this software since 2019 I'm glad today I final buy it. Kudos to you guys keep the good work as we introduce our developer to your product.

  • Olulade Gabriel Danisa

    2016-07-12 12:38:25

    I'm giving it 5 stars now. I hope that in the future they will include online exams and a reception system. Optimum Linkup keeps up the good work.

  • Adekolapo Wiston

    2016-06-12 05:12:19

    Good system , but it needs some improvisation .Overall i would say good

  • yogesh

    2017-01-12 17:46:23

    Excellent support!! I was facing some issue after the installation and the team provided great support; that too very fast.

  • Roger Duval

    2017-02-12 06:48:28

    Perfect solution. Very good code

  • Privilledge Mhlanga

    2017-02-13 09:27:13

    best customer support

  • hamza

    2017-05-12 08:18:36

    Very slow on update. Keep breaking the commitment. You don't have to develop so many features together. If you follow agile, you would be able to deliver features quickly. Perhaps, think about using version control system and deliver the code properly and quickly. So many frustrated customers. 4* for code quality.

  • Ibiixo Technologies

    2017-05-12 08:19:42

    A very good product

  • abdulali

    2071-06-12 01:33:37

    Thanks for your attention In fact the problem is solved. Thanks again and the system deserves a five-star evaluation with prompt technical support. Greetings

  • Marvelous

    2018-01-12 06:14:19

    This is simply amazing, love the code quality and quick support. Keep it up and and good luck with the sales.

  • Zipade Jinayatu

    2021-01-12 18:19:55

    Thank you for a great scipt and great support. I really Apreciated if the BBB (BigBlueButton) can fast implementation as you say. Just a few word for me, Do Not Waste your time at Jitsi if there a member ask to implementation Jitsi. We already build Jitsi for 3 months Jitsi is not suitable for eLearning is suitable for video meeting. Just focus at BBB (BigBlueButton) is open source and already made for Video Learning. Wait for your BBB update Regards

  • yogesh

    2021-02-12 00:18:48

    Excellent work. Easy installation.

  • Olulade Gabriel Danisa

    2021-04-12 07:16:31

    Very fast response from customer support. In my opinion this is the best Service in this website. And This is Best Content Management System for School Managing. And I also recommend to buy this system. Thank You

  • Micheal James

    2021-06-11 18:17:36

    Optimum Linkup support is still the best.

  • Semiu Olanrewaju

    2021-06-12 18:08:20

    Very fast response cfrom customer support. I recommend to buy this system.

  • aakash123

    2021-06-12 04:43:19

    more professional and perfect support many thanks

  • Amaz

    2021-06-12 05:42:54

    Thanks For resolving issues

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