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PHP Auction Software is a complete solution for an Online Auction Platform. PHP Auction Software is an online-based platform that helps users to sell their items by creating an auction for bidding. It’s undoubtedly the largest auction script with huge advanced and standard features. Users are able to register themselves free and they are able to perform the bidding. So, anyone can register and enlist their product for auction for a basic or featured fee. Users can buy products by bid or direct buy option. Admin will get profit from the basic and featured fee as well as from the withdrawal percentage. Everything is dynamic and can be set up from the admin panel. It has strong SQL injection protection system which will keep away this system from hackers.


This script is perfectly created with lots of known online payment gateways to make the payment easier, flexible, and comfortable. PHP Auction Software is easily installable and you can manage this script more easily with user-friendly features and an interactive interface with a fully responsive design. It’s designed for everyone, whether is the user technical or non-technical. Anyone can interact with the interface easily and comfortably. PHP Auction Software may assist you to handle unlimited users, bidding, accept a good number of payment gateways and it Supports Multiple Languages.


The PHP Auction Software will make you Successful for sure in the Digital Auction Business arena as well as it will save your Marketing cost also for this one you don’t need any Coding Skills. If you are looking for the Best Online Bidding script which will grow your business to the next level then PHP Auction Software will be the right choice for you. It takes only a few minutes to set up your website with our system. So, Let’s Start Your Bidding Platform with PHP Auction Software.


Admin Features

  1. Able to Create New Blog Posts
  2. Able to create new Category
  3. Able to set Different Payment Amount for Buyer
  4. Able to set Different Payment Amount for Seller
  5. Advanced home page Section Enable and Disable feature
  6. Advanced Website Contents Management
  7. And much more
  8. Auction Categories Section Management
  9. Auction Creation Facility
  10. Auction Payment Details
  11. Auction Payment Management
  12. Background Image Setting
  13. Basic and Featured Fee Setting
  14. Blog Category Handling
  15. Blog Posts Management
  16. Category Management
  17. Contact us page Management
  18. Currency Format Management
  19. Currency Management
  20. Edit Profile Opportunity
  21. Facility to create new Customer
  22. FAQ page Management
  23. Footer and Error Page Management
  24. Google Analytics Management
  25. Group Email Sending Feature
  26. Handing Social Links
  27. Handling Contact Section
  28. Latest Blog Section Management
  29. Loader Handling Opportunity
  30. Logo, Favicon Management
  31. Manages all the Auctions with Advanced options
  32. Manages all the success notifications
  33. Manages Breadcrumb Banner
  34. Manages Featured Auction Section
  35. Manages Staffs
  36. Manages Video Presentation Section
  37. New Blog Category Creating
  38. Opportunity to Configure the Email
  39. Opportunity to manage all the Customers
  40. Other Pages handling
  41. Password Changing Feature
  42. Password Recovery System
  43. Payment pieces of information Management
  44. Pending Auction Management
  45. Review Section Management
  46. Slider and Service Section Management
  47. Smart Customize Menu Links features
  48. Smart Website Maintenance Feature
  49. Standard Dashboard Statistics
  50. Standard Language Settings
  51. Subscribers Management
  52. User withdrawal Money Management
  53. Website Meta Keywords Management
  54. Website Title Setting
  55. Withdraw Percentage Setting.
User Features
  1. Account Details Update Option.
  2. And much more
  3. Creating Auction Opportunity
  4. Dashboard Statistics
  5. My Payment Management
  6. Own Bid Management
  7. Own Created Auction Management with Advanced Options
  8. Password Change System
  9. Password Recovery System
  10. Pending Auction Management
  11. Standards Withdrawal Methods
  12. User Registration System
  13. Withdraw Management.

Other Dynamic Features

  1. Able to make comments on Blog
  2. Advanced Searching and Sorting Technique
  3. Dynamic Contact Section
  4. Email Notification System
  5. Standard Auction Sharing option
  6. Standard Blog Sharing Options
  7. Subscription Facility

  • Apache, nginx, or another compatible web server.
  • PHP >= 7.0 >> Higher
  • MySQL Database server
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Module Re_write server
  • PHP_CURL Module Enable
5 Stars Reviews

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Kalpesh

    3 years ago

    Very good and easy to customise software.

  • Samaila muhammed

    2 years ago

    Good software. Please add more payment gateways


    2 years ago

    Great customer support from wonderful developer.

  • Garba Musa

    2 years ago

    I paid for customisation so that they can change the website template for me and they did a wonderful job for me. Though, this is not my first time of dealing with you guys. Keep it up brada.

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