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PHP Apartment Management Software

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PHP Apartment Management System is property management software developed with love using the latest web technologies. You can use it to manage your apartment leases, tenants, generate invoices. Your tenants can login to see their lease statements and invoices.

It is also a software system intended for use by an agent, managing rental properties on behalf of different landlords. With this software, the agent can register landlords, properties and capture tenant’s data.

Each property is managed to contain units, which can be assigned to a tenant as a lease. Invoices are generated as per lease terms. Payments can be made and assigned to these invoices.

Single login interface for Admin, Tenant and Landlords

  1. Will add landlords and their properties
  2. Can register tenants
  3. Can create leases/ rents
  4. Can add payments
  5. Can see reports
  6. Can create user roles and assign to different users.
  7. Manage language translation
  8. Manage property type
  9. Manage Utilities
  10. Manage Amenities
  11. Manage expenses
  12. Lease settings
  13. Tenant settings
  14. Payment method


  1. Login to see how performance of their properties
  2. Check pending invoice of tenants
  3. Check Invoice or payment history of tenants
  4. Check vacate notice given to his/her tenants
  5. Check full properties details
  6. Chat with the admin/agent
  7. Read announcement


  1. Login to see their lease account balances
  2. View payment history
  3. View pending invoices
  4. Check vacate notice
  5. Open support ticket/complaints
  6. Read announcement


  1. Built for apartment, useful for any building management
  2. Three steps dashboard:  Admin, Tenant, and Landlord.
  3. Multilingual:  Admin can create multiple language file and upload file from admin panel.
  4. Admin can manage full apartment.
  5. Employee can check salary, manage complain with reports.
  6. Tenant can check rent statement, manage complain with reports.
  7. Landlord can manage his/her apartment with reports.
  8. Fully responsive
  9. Suitable for all platforms
  10. Extremely flexible interface
  11. Admin can manage rent due and paid invoice.
  12. Whole apartment management system at your fingertips
  13. Smooth operation, user friendly interface, full of functionality and compatible features
  14. Expandable, customizable and fully supported by us!
  15. Clear dummy data action.
  16. Auto generate an invoice for tenant during lease assignment
  17. Auto change properties to occupied or available when rent is due
  18. Auto calculate all units amount
  19. Auto check properties status and rent expiration for tenant
  20. Auto calculate late fees
  21. Auto calculate late and other charges during rent assignment
  22. Email notification readily available with beautiful template
  23. Announcement from admin to landlords and tenants
  24. Simple and easy to use and customize

Please read our license agreement for more information on the refund and product policy.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Carlos Macedo

    1 year ago

    Este é um ótimo software. Por favor, adicione mais recursos como paystack

  • Johny Kevin

    1 year ago

    Thanks for this wonderful software. It is a complete software that helps us to manage all our properties in Uk. I love the part paid in Advance or Arrears

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